The Beginning

Wolf Moon Designs was borne from a desire to help influence the energies surrounding people in their daily lives. The original wall hangings created were done with the intent to either bring about energies such as peace, tranquillity and love; or disperse and shift energies that needed releasing.

Over time, my wall hangings evolved into something more natural. I began experimenting with branches, leaves, rocks and other natural materials. Through this, I was able to incorporate part of my witchy practices into my wall hangings.

Resin – a new beginning

I was inspired to take my love of natural materials, and use them in a completely different medium. Hence, my love of resin was born. Over time, this love for resin transformed into an obsession – or so says my family! I wanted to continue to create beautiful pieces made with intent. This inspiration led to the development of athames, dragons and jewellery range.

My craft

As a witch, I express my craft through my creations. I source materials and elements by either growing, or foraging for them. I am particular about materials purchased, where I cannot source these myself.

Crystals are an important part of my craft. I hand pick all crystals as I must touch, feel and connect to them. This means I spend lots of time gushing over specimens (terrible I know!).

Authenticity in my craft is important to me. To achieve this, I must feel a connection to any of the materials I use. My desire to help shift and move energies is at the forefront of everything I do.  

When I craft – I never plan. I allow my intuition to guide me. I let the materials tell me how to put them together. No two wall hangings, or resin pieces, are the same.

What’s next?

My craft and art is always evolving. I want to take my craft and make larger resin wall hangings with the same intent and materials as my smaller pieces.