Medusa of the ocean


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When Medusa was beheaded by Perseus, her blood ran into the sea.

From that Pegasus (the winged horse we know) and Chrysoar (a giant wielding a golden sword) spring into being.


I wanted to honour Medusa in her last moments.

The red coral represents her blood flowing into the ocean.

The mother of pearl for the creatures in the ocean who greeted her.

Fennel for seaweed.

The other components for the connection they have to water. Because water is the ultimate healer.


I want and hope Medusa felt water’s comfort in those moments.

And that is my wish for you.

That no matter how much toil may be around you – that you feel the healing comfort of water, and Medusa’s love.


Made with:

  • snake shed
  • red coral
  • fennel
  • jasmine
  • mother of pearl
  • star anise
  • rainbow moonstone
  • clear quartz
  • magick


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