White Elephant


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When I think of the elephant, it’s always their strong matriarchal society that comes to mind.

The strong nurturing instinct that is usually associated with feminine energy.

Not everyone received that nurturing, maternal caring when growing up. Through no fault of their own.

That’s okay. It can’t be changed.

I made this piece to reflect that nurturing energy.

My wish for you – that yo will remember that even if you didn’t receive maternal nurturing, there is nothing preventing you giving it to yourself.



  • Rose Quartz
  • Flowers


Product Dimensions:

Height: 15cm (not including chain)

Width: 19.5cm (at widest)

Depth: 1.1cm (at thickest)


*Dimensions are the closest approximation measurable, please expect slight variation.

**Colours in photos may differ slightly when product viewed in person.


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